Words from a Shooting Star: Mitski shares her love of Grand Rapids, Pixies and bold songwriting

Photo by Ebru Yildiz Not long after announcing she’d return to Grand Rapids for a headlining show at The Pyramid Scheme, critically acclaimed New York singer-songwriter Mitski took to social media to confess her love for our fair city, and divulged a secret, dream desire to maybe someday move here. “I think it was honestly that every time I’ve gone, the weather’s been perfect, which isn’t a reason to move somewhere, but it’s certainly made me daydream,” Mitski told Revue. “It also just seemed like people my age, and other touring people I know who lived there, were able to have nice homes for themselves in convenient neighborhoods without breaking the bank, which I, as someone who’s based out of (New York City), was very envious of.” Born Mitski Miyawaki in Japan, Mitski has long grappled with the elusiveness of belonging. Growing up, her family moved from Japan to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malaysia, China and Turkey, before settling in New York City. Those experiences affect her music to this day, with her latest album, last year’s widely praised Puberty 2, touching on the tension and the inescapable isolation of teenage identity lingering into adulthood. Heralded by Pitchfork, […]

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