Why Colin Trevorrow Probably Won’t Suffer the Same Star Wars Fate as Lord and Miller

Courtesy of Alison Cohen Rosa/Focus Features. Colin Trevorrow’s latest film, a family tale called The Book of Henry, is getting truly terrible reviews. How terrible? It’s at about 23 percent on Rotten Tomatoes , and only a slightly better 31 percent on Metacritic , which has cemented its reputation as the worst film Trevorrow has directed so far. This massive stumble has concerned some Star Wars fans, since Trevorrow is already set to helm the upcoming ninth official installment in the iconic franchise. After this poor showing, could he suffer the same fate as Josh Trank, who was supposed to direct a Star Wars spin-off film before leaving the project amid rumors of “erratic behavior” on the set of his critically drubbed 2015 Fantastic Four —or, more recently, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, two distinctive directors who chafed against Lucasfilm’s restraints and were ultimately fired from the Han Solo film? In Trevorrow’s case . . . probably not, and there are a few reasons why. Unlike Lord, Miller, and Trank, Trevorrow had an in with the world of Lucasfilm before he boarded Star Wars —and has been privy to the machinations of billion-dollar filmmaking before. This is all thanks […]

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