This was read in his police record during Franco regime: "Buñuel, Luis. Native of Calana, Aragon. Anarchist, Perverter, Heretic and Blasphemer, author of two films that denigrate Spanish nationality: land without bread and an Andalusian dog. " As much as regime authorities marked it that way, or precisely because of that, Carlos Fuentes had anor opinion of his friend exiled in Mexico: "He is most honest filmmaker in world." He wrote it in a previously unpublished and unfinished work where he tried to unravel his cinema under title of Raft of Medusa. It rested in personal file that author bequead to University of Princeton (USA) and it has just recovered Javier Herrera, expert in director, for collection Fundamental work (Fundación Banco Santander). It’s simply a jewel. Not only does it agiganta its artistic dimension. It testifies to one of links, not yet sufficiently explored, that has defined Hispanic culture at global level in twentieth century: one that joins European avant-garde of century with a prominent leader of surrealism among its ranks and young writers Latin Americans who considered it a beacon of legend for all its current. Not only did he treat Fuentes. Perhaps it was one who did […]