The poetry of Morchade

In a small battered leather bound journal among sketches of ships and sea life are the poems penned by Morchade, pirate, storm witch, werewolf. "I speak the Word from the hidden gulfs that never knew the sun Send me a servant for my hate, oh scaled and shining One!" ― Robert E. Howard Conan Exiles Roleplay: Beneath The Skin This wolf that lives beneath my skin The shadow that moves behind my eyes Breathing out, breathing in The wolf that deep within me lies Call to prayer, call to sin Amid the forest’s blackened trees It is there that we begin The wolf that only you can see The wine of my blood Its stain upon your lip so red Make it sing, make it flood We fall, the burning leaves our bed Thou the ship and I the sea Storm tossed and rough Ride the wave with me Til it be enough Music in our blood we rise Beneath the blood moon run with me For you know where my darkness lies The wolf that only you can see Your teeth against my skin Breathe me in For The Honored Fallen For the warriors blooded, For the […]

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