The Many Reasons Why SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Is the Most Fun MCU Film Yet

Spider-Man: Homecoming Credit: Sony My aim over the years as a movie reviewer has always been to try to find the one overarching impression I’m left with immediately after a film completes and find a narrative center in that. It isn’t always easy and sometimes a struggle to try to a new thought or idea so as not to just repeat a review I’ve already written before, and I’d be lying if I suggested that hasn’t occurred to meet a deadline. I knew I’d struggle with this again immediately after seeing Wednesday, but not for the usual reasons. Not because I couldn’t think of a narrative center, but because I could think of too many, and as not to bury the lede, was grinning from ear-to-ear during the closing credits. is an enormous amount of fun, particularly for hardcore fans of the MCU, but even for new fans like my 10-year-old daughter, not just attending her first MCU screening with her dad, but seeing her first MCU film ever. The ONE thing I could think of was just that – simply how fun it all was. But breaking that down to one thematic reason indeed wasn’t coming easy. So […]

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