Stuart’s epic train journey is definitely on the right tracks

Ahead of the release of his latest book Daniel Defoe’s Railway Journey: A Surreal Odyssey Through Modern Britain, author Stuart Campbell talks about his peculiar travel log, his thoughts on literature and his work as a mental health trainer. Campbell had previously worked as an English teacher, after which he trained and worked as a mental health trainer before turning to writing. This latest book sees Campbell travel along every mile of railway track on mainland Britain. In this Campbell records his conversations with strangers and acute observations as he passes through station after station. He is by no means alone in his journey. Alongside him is his trusty friend from Aberdeen University, John, and of course Daniel Defoe. Campbell’s work, as evident in his other writing, such as ‘Boswell’s Bus Pass’, is a wonderful blend of travel, place and history. Add to this the underlying issues of mental health, and the result is a book which is funny and eccentric. Q: Where did the idea for this novel stem from? A: It is something that I had done before when I wrote ‘Boswell’s Pus Pass’ so I wanted to do it again and try to recreate it in […]

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