Remembering a limitless poet

Hassan Dars. It was a dark night in June 2011. That moon was not shining and instead sought to take refuge in an eclipse. The young poet was with his friends, reciting his poetry with a goblet in hand; discussing grand plans for the distant future; laughing and joking about trivial things. After midnight he took leave and with staggering steps reached his car and began driving towards his home. A few hundred metres down, he lost control of the car and hit the huge pillar of an overhead bridge. For many hours nobody saw the wrecked car and its injured driver. At dawn, the police came but then an issue of jurisdiction was raised. By the time the police department decided which station had jurisdiction of the bridge, the young poet had passed. Hassan Dars was the celebrated poet who died that night, a victim of his own carelessness mixed with apathy of people and callousness of the police. Dars was an important poet of post-Shaikh Ayaz generation. He was among very few poets who came out of the over pervasive influence of Shaikh Ayaz — a giant of Sindhi poetry — and developed his own distinct style […]

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