Q&A With Elizabeth L. Silver

Elizabeth L. Silver In an intriguing and honest Q&A between Elizabeth L. Silver and AFLW co-founder David Lott, the author discusses her faith in, and intellectual connection to, the field of medicine despite challenging experiences in her life. AFLW: Your excerpt, above, expresses a dreamlike connection to medicine and the human body, full of hope, heroism, possibility and wonder. Does that side of medicine still co-exist for you with the harsher reality of what you went through with the sudden illness of your newborn daughter? Elizabeth L. Silver : It does, actually. I am still in awe of the wonders and magic of modern medicine, but I am now much more aware of its frailties. This is something that physicians and those who work in the medical field understand, but that lay people often do not. Sometimes, it seems as though patients, myself included, think that medicine is all-knowing and will provide you with answers. The reality is that sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. I think it is partially what inspires researchers and clinicians in the field, challenging them to learn more, discover more, invent new treatments. If we as patients can retain that awe but also […]

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