Ethan Barnett talks family. With a big brother* who is arguably one of the most recognisable songwriters of the decade, Ten Tonnes has some seriously big shoes to fill. Fortunately for Ethan Barnett he’s yet to let familial fame overshadow his passion, instead using it as a tool to craft his distinctive blend of indie and 50s rock n roll. Setting himself apart from the hordes of banal, twee haircuts and monotone nu-folkies, we took him aside for a chat about family collaborations, Elvis Costello, recording with The Maccabees and going 70s. Where did ‘Ten Tonnes’ come from? Well, I don’t really have a cool story. It’s just from playing a lot of open mic nights with lots of other singer-songwriters. I came up with it so as not to be like everyone else because names are just names aren’t they? I wanted to make it sound a bit different – I always wanted to be in a band but none of my mates really liked music. But yeah, I just came up with it in the pub. I’m slightly disappointed you don’t weigh ten tonnes…. That is what I initially thought before I saw you. I am pre-emptively […]

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