Movie Review: ‘Yalghaar’

The Pakistani Film Industry has definitely come a long way. With successes such as ‘Bin Roye’ (2016) and ‘Bol’ (2011), makers are trying to push the boundaries in every way. However, it seems filmmaker-actor Hassan Rana has now gone and done what Pakistan had yet to experience within their big screens. Known as Pakistan’s first multi-starrer and most expensive film, Hassan attempts to tell a true, heartfelt story about Pakistan’s militants and their sacrifice for their country in ‘Yalghaar’. After successfully saving Colonel Jogezzi (Ayub Khoso) from the clutches of the enemy, Colonel Asad and (Shaan Shahid) and Col. Imran (Adnan Siddiqui) take on a mission to defeat the evil Torjan (Humayun Saeed) whose growing terrorist army is becoming more and more menacing and destructive as they slaughter the innocent lives everyday. As the Pakistan Army prepare for battle, they come to realise that this is a fight the needs to be won by all. With both colonel’s along with Major General Hassan (Rana) leading the troops, there’s much anticipation as to how good will triumph over evil. His experience in making war films works in Hassan’s favour in this film, and making such a film that focuses on […]

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