Movie Review: The Big Sick

The Big Sick is a movie about many things: the flush of early love, redefining relationships with parents, the struggles of being creative and the divides of culture & tradition. The Big Sick is also about being sick, in a big way. Being a Recently Sick Person myself, I immediately picked up on the being sick thread of the movie. While Emily, the protagonist, does not have cancer like I do, she does fall suddenly ill, is put into a medically induced coma and morphs from a healthy person into a sick one. There are pieces of her story that I strongly identified with: the stunned shock, the long diagnostic process, the loss of control, the confusion around how medical information was delivered, the lack of coordination between health professionals and the lack of trust in the health system. One of the many joys of The Big Sick is that it is based on true events – the love story between actor & comedian Kumail Nanjiani and writer & comedy producer Emily V. Gordon . The trueness shines through in many scenes. While Kumail plays himself, Emily is played by actor Zoe Kazan and the two have sweet chemistry. […]

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