Director : Charles Chaplin Year Release : 1952 Principal Cast : Charles Chaplin, Claire Bloom, Nigel , Buster Keaton, Sydney Earl Chaplin, Norman Lloyd, Andre Eglevsky, Marjorie Bennett, Wheeler Dryden, Melissa Hayden. (Uncredited: Geraldine Chaplin, Josephine Chaplin, Charles Chaplin Jr, Michael Chaplin, Oona O’Neill) Approx Running Time : 137 Minutes Synopsis: A fading comedian and a suicidal ballet dancer must look to each other to meaning and hope in their lives. ******** Encapsulating the duopoly Hollywood’ fascination with ageing, Limelight is a contrast in focus. Charlie Chaplin was entering the latter stages his career, while co- Claire Bloom gave one the all-time great major film debuts; Chaplin’s American career was cut off following accusations Communist sympathies during the Red Scare, which resulted in banned from re-entering the United States, and Bloom’s post- Limelight career was a blossom stardom and celebrity. The film is one Chaplin’s rare “serious” films, largely bereft the laughs and the tones his silent films and giving us an actor working hard to establish a mature style, and so viewers should approach Limelight with that in mind. Chaplin fading vaudeville […]

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