Long Island gardeners harvest poetry from their toils

Leslie Bennett, a finalist in the garden poetry contest, is shown with her father-in-law William Schoppmann at their North Massapequa home June 14, 2017. Bennett says Schoppmann taught her everything she knows about gardening. Photo Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr. Jessica Damiano Jessica Damiano is a master gardener and journalist with more than 25 years experience in radio, television, print Show More It’s obvious that gardeners’ hands and knees are at home in the dirt, but what may not be visible is that their souls are also attuned with nature. So it follows that gardening and poetry are conjoined. How can one, after all, marvel at the miracle of a seed without sharing that revelation? In May, I asked readers to compose poetry that expresses their reasons for growing edibles, and exactly 80 of you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards). These are the best crops from that harvest. Untitled By Leslie Bennett, Massapequa Old man farmer thought his glory days were past, He saw the want in a young woman’s eyes. It was his skills he taught, But, her passion grew his dreams. She wasn’t sure if she could be him, So, she persevered […]

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