Literature / A Brief History Of The Time Lords

‘"The Great and Good of Gallifrey … are all determined that you should never read this book." A Brief History of the Time Lords , is a Doctor Who Expanded Universe book by Steven Tribe set in the Franchise/Whoniverse. The tome covers the history and culture of the Time Lords encompassing information throughout the whole series up until the Series 10 finale "Hell Bent" . In-Universe , the book is written by the boy whom Twelve met after he escape his Confession Dial in "Heaven Sent" . Now an adult, he has set down to record the true history of the Time Lords to the best of his ability — which is no easy task with so many incomplete and conflicting accounts with many a snarky comment thrown in for good measure. Tropes Include: Abusive Alien Parents : The author sadly notes that Gallifreyan children are taken from their families at age eight; in fact every seven year old child dreads turning eight. After they look into the Untempered Schism they are put through a selection process into becoming a) Time Lords, b) Soldiers, or c) Member of the Chancery Guard. It’s all but stated that those who fail […]

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