Lisa Genova is back with a new novel titled Every Note Played. Author Lisa Genova wants you to understand that life is short. Her new novel Every Note Played is the story of an internationally renowned pianist with ALS and his care giving ex-wife. “We all think we have forever. We will say it later,” said Genova, who will be reading from the book at Indigo bookstore in Vancouver on April 12th at 7 p.m. “ALS sort of crystallizes that you don’t have forever, there’s an urgency. You are going to die soon. All of us are going to die soon so this idea of get to it now. Say I’m sorry. Say I forgive you. Say I love you.” Every Note Played is the new novel from Lisa Genova. As a neuroscientist Genova has made a career out of combining neurological issues with fiction. Before Every Note Played, Genova had penned four New York Times best-selling novels, most notably Still Alice. Still Alice, the story of a Harvard professor who has early onset Alzheimer’s, was turned into a Hollywood film starring Julianne Moore. The new novel begins with the main character Richard still mobile but with only the […]