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Mugfish stew. Mugfish wafers. Mugfish oil. Ale inside a mugfish mug. It’s getting damn repetitive, but the Quaffing Skeleton Tavern welcomed me, and for that I’m grateful. I had to leave the road and cut north. It turns out that the Fox and Crow tried to follow me. Someone probably tipped them off, or I’m bad at covering my tracks, or both. Kellamon and Piyu covered tracks when we fled the mountains. I tried to mimic what they did, but I’m not great at that. There may also be a little problem with Alleway’s food coming back as animated skeletons. Is the Quaffing Skeleton Tavern’s name from an earlier time? Is my talent something people were able to do in the past? I’ve got this book, but can’t make out the language. “R’han, ur dinner.” It was filet of mugfish and a crispy mugfish salad with mugfish oil dressing. “‘E’ll have news of Sheljar soon. Trade ship docks this eve.” Every Feylf (seven day) a single trade ship comes. It’s all that bothers to stop on the Sheljar to Mira route. I missed the first one by hours and the second one cost more than I had earned. Now, […]

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