Sara Wong for NPR Welcome to Invisibilia Season 4! The NPR program and podcast explores the invisible forces that shape human behavior, and we here at Shots are joining in to probe the often tenuous line between perception and reality. Here’s a personal essay by the host that expands on Episode 1. There are lots of times when moms ask us to do things we don’t want to do. Move the car. Wipe down the table. Get a haircut. Call the great aunt on her birthday. Figure out why my new phone is making a weird buzzy sound and why can’t I get into my Facebook account and, you get the picture. My mom? Last fall she asked me to jump out of an airplane. Now, I am generally not a person hindered by fear. As a child I was the one chosen by cousins to play the monster under the bed because I could happily hide in the dark by myself for hours. But lately I have developed just one single deep, visceral, nausea-inducing fear. And just my luck, it’s a fear of heights. I noticed it one afternoon when I took my son and his friend to […]