Inhumans Stars Talk Medusa’s Hair & Black Bolt’s Sign Language

During the recently concluded Comic-Con International, new trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans was released , featuring new footage of the Inhuman city Attilan, characters Karnak, Gorgon and Triton, as well as new scenes between Medusa, Maximus and Black Bolt. In one scene, when Maximus challenges Medusa, her hair, like a crimson serpent, whips towards Maximus. It was the first time the Marvel character’s “enhanced” hair had been seen in action, and as we would learn, much like Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation, it has a power and attitude all its own. Speaking with CBR and other press outlets at SDCC, Serinda Swan, Anson Mount and showrunner Scott Buck answered questions on Medusa’s hair and the challenges that come with Black Bolt’s self-imposed silence. Swan recalled watching her hair come to life in the new trailer with fans at their panel. “It’s amazing,” Swan said. “Everybody saw the hair last night at the same time I saw the hair [for the first time], so I was sitting there going — I know what happened when it first came out — and now I’m sitting in a room full of people that love her and might attack. I know Marvel, they are […]

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