Honey Lung: “We’re doing some pretty weird stuff”

London trio Honey Lung are grabbing attention with their dreamy, reverb-soaked shoegaze. “I grew up in Harrow,” starts guitarist and vocalist Jamie Batten of his band’s origins. “I helped put on a lot of shows at the Harrow Art Centre, a gig night called 100%, kind of like an underage gig night. I met a lot of musicians up Hertfordshire way, and I was in a couple of bands. “My first was called Life of Empire, which was an indie pop band, and then I started a heavy shoegaze psych band after that called Flood, which sort of eventually turned into Honey Lung. There wasn’t much of a scene growing up around Harrow; it was pretty much dead. I [did get] involved a lot in the Kent scene, I have friends there, and I’d go down and see hardcore emo bands.” With Honey Lung, Jamie knew he’d hit on something worth sticking with. “All the bands previous, I had always been the co-songwriter; I was still honing my songwriting. With Honey Lung, I was starting to write music I enjoyed myself, that I felt was mature enough for me to like. “We wrote and rehearsed for about a year. […]

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