Fiona Barton's Shocking New Thriller "The Child" Follows The Mystery Of A Missing Baby

For the mega-bestselling author of The Widow , you’d think writing another book would feel easy — but Fiona Barton’s new novel The Child was even more challenging to write than the first, she tells Bustle. The Child comes out on June 27, and will no doubt be eagerly snatched up by everyone who read and loved The Widow last year. Fan-favorite character Kate Waters is back for a second mystery — this time digging into the secrets behind the skeleton of a newborn infant found hidden on a building site. "The experience could not have been more different!" Barton says, of writing a second novel . "With the first book, no one knows you are writing so you pootle along at your own pace, letting the ideas ferment in your head, writing when you feel like it, not writing for weeks or months. Don’t get me wrong, writing in this sort of bubble brings its own anxieties – the conviction that no one will want to read your work, the fear that you will never finish… But then, there is Book 2. There is no bubble. A lot of people know you are writing. There is a deadline." […]

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