Don’t insult award, winner, jury

This is not a nice thing to write and discuss. But the unpleasant has to be addressed lest the evil minds grow and become too difficult to handle later. This is about the discontent expressed by young writers about Shanthi K Appanna winning the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar award for her short stories anthology Manasu Abhisarike. She richly deserves it because she brought in a new perspective to the otherwise stale and stagnant Kannada short story genre. She is not from a Kannada literature background, but is a nurse in the Railways Hospital in Chennai. She has a different way of perceiving things. She is not afraid to hold the bull by its horns and writes about carnal passions, and raw desires without any apology and without making it sound raunchy. The journeys she takes in her stories are her probe into the conscience. She is bold, (and beautiful too!) and does not shy away from acknowledging bodily desires. In fact, it is central to her story telling. She is original. Hence, she richly deserves the award. Then, why are some young writers expressing unhappiness over her winning the award? Hitherto, nobody had taken objection to Sahitya Academy awards. […]

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