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I think laying out your journal in a regular way should be okay. You don't have to have prompts specifically targeted towards language learning, it will naturally come especially when you write about something you know or care about so just write like you would in (simple) English. It's easier to ask and help with specific grammar questions, and most of the tine those questions will arise once you actually get the ball rolling This sub itself is actually a good resource for asking "how do you say x" kind of questions! Don't worry about being spammy, we love answering questions and the questions you have that you can't google the answer for could possibly help someone with similar questions in the future For quicker questions that you don't feel like making a post for, there are Tagalog-learning Discord servers you can join, such as this one Fwiw, PM-ing me if you have any random questions about the language is also welcome and encouraged lol Thank you for your encouragement and being so welcoming! I will definitely join a discord server, it never even occurred to me that would an option! As far as a specific grammar question, the [...]