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Contributed by If a human-looking baby crashes in the woods outside your house in rural Kansas, don't adopt it and try it raise it like a normal Earthling. In fact, you should run away... run far, far away. Better yet, you should report it to the Men in Black before it grows up and realizes that it's superior to the whole human race and goes on a murderous rampage to conquer this puny little world. Anyhoo, the first reviews for the James Gunn-produced Brightburn (in theaters Friday) are now trickling onto the internet, and critics are widely captivated by the film's dark, Twilight Zone -esque take on the age-old Superman myth that's pervaded the world of comic books and comic book movies for more than eight decades. Unlike other so-called "superhero horror" mashups out there, critics are saying that Brightburn cashes in all of its Kryptonian chips on an ultraviolent and genuinely scary no-nonsense origin story about how Clark Kent's humble beginnings could have gone horribly, horribly wrong by a cruel and ironic twist of fate. We've seen the film, too, and can tell you that the gory mayhem left by the central character is cringe-inducing and seat-squirming in [...]