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By day, Dan Abella coaches people from actors to athletes in developing a more successful mindset at Peak Performance Sciences. By night, he is New York City’s foremost science fiction enthusiast who organizes of the annual Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi Film Festival. Those two interests will collide on April 18 in The Kosmodrome , a free one-day “motivational and immersive theater experience” that incorporates films, light shows, brain-stimulating music and performances that, to borrow a phrase from Inception, will help you dream a little bigger. “The Kosmodrome is a transformative power that evokes intense emotional states to replace years of negative conditioning with life enhancing flow experiences,” Abella says. “With the aim of personal growth and connection to one's core values and beliefs, this experiential journey brings forth a world of wholeness and freedom.” His history with science fiction goes back way further than Abella’s 20 years as a coach, specializing in a method known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming . It was around age 8 when he saw his first sci-fi film: The Fly, by his recollection. “I always felt sci-fi speaks to us on many levels,” he says. “Sci-fi draws upon a larger source of inspiration and can often [...]