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5 Ways to Get Through the Hardest Days A smiling fox via Unsplash . Writing is tough. It’s hard to stay motivated when the pay is low and the rejections are many. But for many of us we have to keep at it, because writing is in our bones — it’s in our souls. As Richard Bach once said: “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” So how do you get through a particularly bad day? There’s no single, silver-bullet solution for everyone. But here are five strategies that I’ve used to get over the hump and back into the writing zone: Keep a Gratitude Journal My gratitude journal changed my life. Truly. That’s a bold claim, I know, but every day I feel a sense of gratitude and that wasn’t always the case before I started the journal. Every morning, I take out my notebook and jot down three things or people I’m grateful for. I review the list, say a silent “thank you” and then get on with my day. But that’s not all! As the day wears on, I jot down observations or thoughts that fill me with gratitude. I was inspired to start [...]