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Photo by Coffee House Press "No matter which way we turned the girl, she didn't have a face." The opening line of "No Matter Which Way We Turned," the first story in Brian Evenson's newest collection, Song for the Unraveling of the World , is a celebration of weirdness that sets the tone for the rest of book. Song contains 22 stories culled from a wide array of literary fiction and horror publications as well as speculative fiction anthologies. And while the collection has a surprising sense of cohesion, the variety of genres, topics, and styles prove that Evenson is one of our best living writers — regardless of genre. This book could have been called Collected Paranoias . Every narrative manages to disturb the reader, to instill a sense of danger, a permeating feeling of confused anxiety. Nothing is what it seems, and there's always either something missing that should be there, or something where there should be nothing. In "Born Stillborn," a man deals with two therapists who may or may not be brothers — and may or may not be real. In "Leaking Out," a creature that shouldn't be absorbs a man. And in "The Second [...]