“Birnam Wood” is a collection of José Manuel Cardona’s poems from the Spanish by Hélène Cardona presented in both the original Spanish and English translations. José Manuel Cardona (1928 – 2018) was a Spanish poet forced into exile in France and worked for the United Nations. His collections include, “El Vendimiador”, “Poemas a Circe” and “El Bosque de Birnam: Antología poética”. The poems in “Birnam Wood” are gathered in three sections, “Poems to Circe”, “The Vintner” and “Other Poems”. “Poems to Circe” are a series of love poems, in “Poem to Circe III”, “You are not mine either even though I love you. You are like earth, like the island. I share you with no one, love, no one. I cannot say: that is mine. This island where we love belongs to no one. I prefer it this way, because love Is that language or fire or scattered Universe in vine everywhere. Flesh is subsequent, the very embers, What one looks for and loves and composts. Fleeting truth of an opaque moon Cruelly scratching the burning bramble, Awakening to the mystery of hands, The touch of the mouth and kiss.” The original Spanish: “Tampoco tú eres mía aunque te […]