Angelo De Augustine's 'Haze' Is Incredibly Beautiful

Angelo De Augustine The music of Angelo De Augustine seems to emerge effortlessly from the ether. A series of phantom-like songs, the stripped down recordings permit a rare fragility to seep through, a real sense of frailty and innocence. New album ‘Swim Inside The Moon’ will be released on August 18th via Sufjan Stevens’ label Asthmatic Kitty. A series of home recordings using the most minimal of set ups, the album is rich in imagination, inventiveness, and the sheer joy of poetry. New song ‘Haze’ drifts along in its own world, Angelo’s high, keening voice wrapping itself around the tumbling torrent of words. Matt Czap crafted the animated visuals, working on a concept dreamed up by the songwriter himself. Effortlessly charming, you can check out ‘Haze’ below and then find a Q&A after the jump. – – – ‘Swim Inside The Moon’ could be the first many fans have heard of you, do you feel it’s reflective of your wider work? How close to Angelo does this record go? We are constantly evolving beings, and as a result can never achieve an exact reflection of anything. Who is this Angelo? My intention is always to follow my instincts and […]

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