The 1931 film of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is, according to Henry James, ‘the most serious’ of Stevenson’s fiction. Fredric March, Miriam Hopkins and Rose Hobart star in the 1931 film STEVENSON has sometimes been dismissed as “merely” a writer for children but The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a moral fable of an entirely adult character. For all its sensational success and longstanding popularity in multiple versions in a variety of media, it is in Henry James’s words, “the most serious of the author’s tales” – a story whose seriousness resonates with ever more sinister conviction. The work is made up of different written accounts by various characters: an unnamed narrator, Mr Utterson the lawyer, Mr Enfield the man-about-town, Dr Lanyon and Dr Jekyll himself. Each partial perspective casts a different light on events. A mysterious, dark and evil-looking figure is seen in London. This person is tracked to Dr Jekyll’s home, confronted by Utterson, but his identity not disclosed. He is seen killing a young girl, trampling her to death; a maid glimpses him; the mystery gathers. Everything builds to the final section, “Henry Jekyll’s Full Statement of […]