Amanda McBroom Credits Jacques Brel For Her Becoming A Songwriter

Become a WRUR Sponsor ​ SCOTT SIMON, HOST: "The Rose" won an Academy Award nomination for Bette Midler in 1979. She played a rock star who struggled with success, drink, drugs and self-destructiveness. Today, the film’s mostly remembered for a song she sang during the ending credits. (SOUNDBITE OF FILM, "THE ROSE") BETTE MIDLER: (Singing) Some say love – it is a river that drowns the tender reed. SIMON: Bette Midler won a Grammy for that song. It was written by Amanda McBroom, who won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. And now Amanda McBroom has a new CD of her own. It’s called "Voices." She joins us from the studios of NPR West. Thanks so much for being with us. AMANDA MCBROOM: I am beyond thrilled to be here, Scott. Thank you. SIMON: Well, it’s our thrill. Now, I’ve got to ask – you have performed all over the world but have done relatively little recording. Why is that? MCBROOM: Well, I have done recording. But mostly because it’s my own independent label, it hasn’t made it out into the enormous mainstream of regular pop music. I was actually one of the first women to have an […]

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