John Krasinski proves he’s up to the challenge in his debut horror film ‘A Quiet Place.’ Every post-apocalyptic film has its rules. Rules for avoiding monsters that freely roam the earth. Rules for which locations are safe and which must be avoided. Survival rules are often an integral part of these films’ appeal, inspiring audiences to reverse-engineer these story elements from the decisions characters make. They also beg the question: how exactly did the survivors manage to figure all of this out? Just once, I’d like to see a filmmaker tackle the in-between phase of societal collapse and wasteland earth. There has to be at least one great movie set among those all-important learning years. And to John Krasinski ’s credit, he does come close to delivering on this ask. There are plenty of things to admire about his debut horror film A Quiet Place : everything from the sound design to the performances – each actor is deeply invested in the success of their role – combines to make Krasinski’s film a memorable entry into the post-apocalyptic genre. What secures it a special place in my heart, however, is Krasinski’s math; Multiple times throughout A Quiet Place , […]