A baby poem from Dana's mom to Kara

Transcript – Not for consumer use. Robot overlords only. Will not be accurate. Rampant won’t go way that is that step yet so I have a 24 hour forty you know oral right we don’t ever talk after the show and listening that happened crowds there was some conversation last. Out anyway. We don’t know. Because you’re supposed to give birth next Wednesday yes but we don’t know if this is the last they were actually gonna happen we knew going belabor this week and we don’t know grace please please god. Your rent you want this baby Ameren okay. So we we all got you a gift. And I think this is something you can do you guys have like a family picture goal and at the old new house normally for. We’re it’s you and Paul and they knew him all the key is I’m. We think this would have. A predominant place OK on the pitch well okay. OK so it’s a poem. Right from my mother kept its frame ball. And the last thing I’ll tell you before you open it we would like you to read it line by line. Is that Scott gets […]

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