7 questions we have after watching The Mist episode 2

After last week’s strong pilot episode of The Mist we had all manner of questions about the creeping condensation that’s taken over the town of Bridgeville. This week, there are fewer lower jaws being entirely removed – oh, yeah, there’re spoilers here so escape now while you still can – and more of a focus on the residents under foggy siege. Episode 2 is honestly quite an odd episode after the first’s bold and bloody start but of course asks more questions than it answers. There are also a couple of nods to the original book just to reassure that it’s not deviating too far from Stephen King’s course. In terms of storytelling though, it feels like there are some rather odd beats and we could write endless questions about why the police chief has decided to play the stereotypical villain, or why on earth no one thought to lock the church doors after all hell breaking loose outside. Before we sound too salty though, here are the biggest head scratchers we had after viewing. 1. What do the Arrowhead staff know about what’s in the Mist that’s driven them to suicide? And related to this, why did the […]

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