12 Directors Who Used Pseudonyms To Disown Their Films

6. Paul Verhoeven Pseudonym: Jan Jensen Film: Showgirls (1995) How do you make a bad film worse? You edit it for television, of course! Paul Verhoeven is a talented director, as seen with his early productions like ‘RoboCop’ (1987), ‘Total Recall’ (1990), and more recent works like the critically praised ‘Elle’ (2016). Though he stands by his 1995 film ‘Showgirls’, it was a box office bomb (though DVD and VHS sales proved highly profitable) and critics weren’t too crazy about it either. I personally enjoy bits and pieces of this film, and overall don’t think it is as bad as it is portrayed to be, and celebrities like Quentin Tarantino are of the same opinion. The fact remains that its satirical message wasn’t delivered to most people who viewed the sex-driven movie. The TV version was much worse, because dialogue was poorly dubbed over by people who sounded nothing like the characters they were giving a voice to in order to remove the swear count of the film, and the excessive nudity was covered up with CGI bras that looked unrealistic and almost comical. Many of the film’s explicit sex scenes were cut as well, making it look unintentionally […]

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