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4 weeks ago

Writers Critique

A man with an ocelot [Edit: this is a bobcat, not an ocelot] in Comal County (New Braunfels), 1880s. Ocelots used to be common in Texas and Louisiana but now there are believed to be only 80-100 left in the United Texas State Library and Archives Commission, most of them in/around the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in South Texas. They are absolutely gorgeous creatures. One of my great hopes is that one day I am able to see one in the wild. This photograph comes from the Lawrence T. Jones III collection in the Degolyer Library at SMU. This collection is fabulous. You can browse it here ----- and I hope you do!

EDIT: As about 418 of you have written in to inform me, this is a bobcat, not an ocelot. When I post a photo from one of Texas' great repositories, I take their word regarding what is in the photo. In this case, they said it was an ocelot (see link) and, because I am looking at this on my phone, I was unable to see that what I thought was its long tail is actually a short tail combined with some sort of crease or shadow on the man's pants. Mea Culpa! Here's the direct link from the Degolyer Library. As you can see, they describe it as an ocelot:

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